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Wise Like Him – What God has blessed you with

I’m staring at the work top in my kitchen, wondering if I should tell guests that the stains that refuse to yield to the industrial strength bleach I’ve used all morning are indeed part of a mosaic pattern. After all, they add “character” to the room surely. I’ll just have to find a pattern to sound convincing. Ho-hum, I’ll leave the pattern-finding mission till the evening.

“Oh well”, I sigh, “if only I had more time on my hands”. Like clockwork, the voice of my conscience says, “the woman next door works more hours than you, is married with two kids and her house is so clean you could eat breakfast off her kitchen floor”. The next stop is the dining room and I peer through the patio doors. Actually, I should call them leaf doors since my patio is buried under a sea of leaves kindly donated by a couple of oaks in the back garden. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the trees where trying to cover the unsightly moss that had established itself at the end of last spring.

Okay, off to get the leaf blower in the loft. Being vertically challenged, I need to get the ladder from the garden shed in order to climb in. I get the keys and make my way to the shed and open the door ……..whhooooooaaaaa. The next time I open my eyes, I’m buried under a pile of gadgets with my neighbour’s eyes peering down at me. It turns out I never got round to cleaning out the shed and had forgotten that because I had managed to force the lawnmower, toolbox, patio set, leaf blower, garden tool set, aquarium and disassembled greenhouse into a 5 by 4 area did not mean that I could defy Newton’s second law of motion. My neighbour heard my scream and the commotion and came round to make sure I was okay. I assured her I was fine and she left. Now I’m standing outside my garden shed, staring intermittently between the mess and the sky, wondering what expression is on God’s face right now. What type of ambassador have I become? Did I mention I feel terribly ashamed of myself?

If l look back over my prayer list, or try re-collecting my “pro-nagging God days”, and boy can I nag, I can only cringe. “Oh, God please give me a new house. Oh God, please give me a new garden shed. Father God, I thank you in Jesus name for the new greenhouse you’re about to bless me with”….and the list goes on. How selfish!. It’s alright asking for these things, but if God has chosen to bless me with these items, the least I can do is look after them properly surely.

With blessings come responsibility and we all tend to forget this. You’re blessed with long healthy hair, but yet you choose to leave in plaits for 6 months so that the rest of us think the baldness on both sides of your hairline is because you’ve just taken part in a Wilkinson sword advert. Yeah, right!!

Sistas, being a godly woman is hard work. Your daily activities require careful thought and planning. Being on top of things does not just happen by accident. So if you struggle with this, why not try making a list of the things that you should be maintaining and then make a weekly cleaning rota. Not only will you be well – organized, you’ll be setting a good example. No more bouts of baptising the area underneath your sofa with dust whenever there’s a knock on the door.

Maintenance is not restricted to your dwellings, this includes your looks (so, yes please take the plaits out if you can no longer see your scalp), keep your nails groomed and stop biting them. Maintain the relationships you’ve been blessed with as well or else you’ll end up lonely when hair dye refuses to get rid of the grey. Just sending a “hand-written” note to say hello, organising get-togethers or picking up the phone are one of the few ways you can do this. Your relationship with your parents is very important and remember you are to honour them no matter what (4th commandment).

Your career, whether in the home of office also requires maintenance. Reading up on publications relevant to your industry will help keep you abreast and increase your productivity. Lastly, but most important of all is your relationship with God. As this differs from person to person, I hesitate to make any recommendations in this area. I will however say this – it is essential you keep communications line open.

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