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When the curtain closes and night falls

When the curtain closes and night falls … who are we? still the same? or perhaps the time has come to take off the mask? 

How difficult is it to be YOU in today’s world? A world where unfortunately perception rules and appearances matter!

Truth be told, having to pretend and keep up any type of appearance can be taxing, I dare say it is almost like being on stage every day.

But guess what? Even though we choose to be something else to the whole world, God knows who we are, He knows our frailty and is able to bring any genuine and lasting change required … He changed Peter from wavering to steady, He changed Paul from persecutor to defender and He changed Esther from orphan to queen … allow Him to groom you through His word, wisdom and presence. 

Consider experiencing the peace of being who YOU are, and were born to BE, let the confidence of who you are in Christ reign supreme in your life!



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