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What is so special about you? – Reflection of the Month

Yep … that is the question. What is so special about you?
A friend was telling me about an experience he had when he attended a business expo with colleagues… you see, this friend of mine works with a multi-national company that also produces smartphones – pretty cool phones I would say – and the company gives them to some of its employees as perks. However, during a break at this expo, the senior manager noted that several employees brought out their iPhones to check their emails and messages instead of the complimentary smartphone. And this caused the manager to ask ‘why’. Why would people pay for an for a phone, when they could get something comparable for free?


And my question to you is ‘why’? Why are smartphones and Apple’s iPhone in particular doing so well in what is being called a recession, why are cheaper phones not selling (and they blame it on the recession), yet smartphones such as the iPhones are making record sales?


Perhaps it is because there is something ‘special’ people perceive about these phones – whether it be branding, functionality or hype – they have their USP (unique selling proposition) working for them, a USP that makes people fork out well needed cash in a recession just to have one!


What pray tell is your USP? Why would you be chosen above the next person? Why should that desirable job position be offered to you? Why should Joe Bloggs off the street bring their business to you?


We need to take a step back and strategically rethink our brand…What do we think we are selling? What are we perceived as selling? And what do we want to sell? Once we have this figured out, I think we are on our way to positioning ourselves for breakthroughs and being sought after.


Have a wonderful 2010! And this year remember to not only keep on aspiring, but inspire someone as well!


Reflection of the Month, Jan 2010

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