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There is power in the tongue – Reflections of September 06

There is power in the tongue … the power to destroy and the power to build. If there is any truth to it – pray tell – are you building or are you destroying?

When people say nice things to me, I must say I not only really appreciate it, I sometimes even reminisce over what was said, and bask in the warmth of it. When I get feedback/criticism, as along as it is constructive, I deeply appreciate it.

But when I hear hurtful or negative things, I try to ignore it; but guess what? It’s always right there at the back of my mind, it just stays there, building its nest and chipping away at the positive side of me.

Sometimes we say hurtful things to people, knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. We think we are doing them a favour, we say things like you can never do things right …it’s always your fault when things go wrong … You’ve got a funny legs… you’ll never get married looking like that… and the list goes on and on.

Whether taunting, having a laugh or being serious, you think nothing of the negative impact your words could have; it comes out of your mouth and you move to the next thing. But guess what? It remains with the person, and it sometimes chips away at them, your words and those of others are continuously replayed in their minds until it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and destroys them.


I was going through a period of self-doubt, when I got a supposedly concerned stranger say something silly to me about my looks … for the most part of the morning, I was practically upset and it pushed me further into my self-doubt. But I thank God for the friends I have who were able to build me up right back with their words… they reminded me about not judging myself by the standard of others, but standards that are wholesome.

Think before you speak … will it build or destroy? And how you can say it to positively build.

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