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The Cross – It Was All About You – December 2003

Have you ever shut your eyes with no distractions to picture the event of that glorious day at Calvary?

Now imagine it, He was there praying and seeking the face of The Father regarding the most significant event of humanity. He was with the men who He called His friends. He was probably seeing the picture of eternal death for the whole Human race. He could also then see the victory on the other side if He hung on the cross.

I am definite He thought of the battle He would fight when He descended into hell.

In frail humanity, He was faced with death. He carried the cross on His whipped body that saved you and me. Heavy, it must have been!

He was subjected to the ridicule of the jeers from the people who knew no better. He was God, yet he was questioned by earthly authority regarding His claims of being The Messiah. To show their regard for Him, they chose a robber over Him.

Amidst the crying and wailing from the ones that loved Him, he was flogged, kicked and stripped. If that is not humiliation, what is?

He was dragged and hung on the cross. Not tied to the cross, but nailed to the cross. Hung, and left to die. It is amazing the gruesome things our Lord had to endure.

Has it really struck you that He saw all our faces and thought it was worth it? Has it really struck you that if eternity was frozen i.e. past and the infinite end and you were the ONLY one, He still would have gone on that gruesome journey?

Think of it. He knows the beginning from the end. He knew what the end would be if He did not embark on the journey to fight the greatest battle ever fought every single soul in eternal death. He also knew the outcome of His Glorious trip to satans realm and He chose the latter.

What that tells you and I is that indeed as in Jeremiah 1:5, Ephesians 1:4, we are a chosen people and not just walking through this path of being alive by chance.

He considered and counted the cost of building the eternal Heavenly Kingdom of God, and He thought we were more than worth it to proceed.

If you ever feel alone, depressed, or worthless, revisit the events of The Cross. It all happened there. He took it all once and for all, that you and I would have life more abundantly.

He loves you more that you can ever imagine. He is a lot more interested in you than you are in yourself. Your fellowship with Him causes a thrill in Heaven. He is amazed to know that You are His. You are everything to Him.

Thats why he could say in Matthew 6:25- 34 for us to be anxious for nothing fearing tomorrow.

He has everything in His hands your very life inclusive!!

If you ever doubt Gods love for you, your reference point should always be The CROSS it was all about YOU.


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