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Reflections of January 06

Is it closer than you think? Several times I’ve found myself searching for one personal item or the other, and thought it was somewhere far away that was not immediately accessible. Only to get to where I thought it was, and realise that it wasn’t there, and on searching, found it was actually much closer than I had thought, and by which time it was too late to be of any use.

When such a situation recently occurred again, I thought to myself “How many times as human beings are we constantly in search of one thing or the other that may seem far away, but not realising it is closer than we think?”; This could include searching for the perfect partner, child or job. Sometimes we fail to realise it is already close, that is, if only we would take a step back and properly assess the situation, and be prepared to think outside of our usual box.


Over the last year I have been learning about the concept of paradigms ‘Accepted norms/patterns that exist and go unchallenged’ and at about the same period, I was forced to break out of my existing paradigm; the experience I have to say has been both very enlightening and positive, and I would not change it for the world.


Today, I implore you to challenge some the paradigms that exist round you and see what positive or great change it could result in. Challenging these paradigms could be as simple as not taking no for an answer when everyone around you is saying “there is no point doing this or that, others have tried and failed” etc.


A way seems right unto a man, but at the end it leads unto destructive … Seek wisdom and direction from God.


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