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Phew! – Reflections of December 07

Have you ever waited so long for something that by the time it happens or comes to pass you can’t even scream for joy? Relief and a silent thanks to God is all you can utter.


The sweet word of the Lord describes ‘Faith’ as a substance of things hoped for, and an evidence of things not seen, which to me really means that having faith is hoping or believing for something to happen when everything or the physical evidence of things round you points to NOTHING.


And how do you feel when really nothing eventually happens, when despite your fervent faith, your hope comes to nothing – after all His sweet word also says hope deferred makes the heart weak – does it make the Lord in whom you believe unfeeling? You just have to believe that our God is all knowing, and He knows what and when is the best time.


God is indeed faithful, and He makes all things beautiful for situation, our part is to ensure that our prayers are in accordance to His will; and as long as we fully trust in Him, recognising that sometimes it will come to pass immediately, sometimes we may be required to wait for the right time, and at other times He may say no as it may not be for our own good despite what we think.


Whatever the case, always remember that He is the same God yesterday (who performed numerous miracles), same God today (who is still doing miracles) and the same tomorrow (who is able perform miracles, even in your life).


I’m a living testimony to the fact that He is a God who answers prayers, sometimes immediately, sometimes I have had to wait (there have been cases of my desires coming to pass months to years later), and sometimes it is a plain ‘no’. From experience I implore you to Keep the Faith.


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