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One Man’s Junks …Another’s Money

One Man’s Junks …Another’s Money

Perhaps it is time for some detox as we start the New Year! While many may be thinking of dejunking their body, and going on a detox diet, there are other areas in our life we can look at dejunking and make money in the process.

Looking around you, are there items you have accumulated over the years that you no longer use? Some fairly used, and some still new sitting pretty with the price tag attached – bags, shoes, clothes, novels, knick knacks here and there?  Or are you in the process of moving home or relocating and you have items that you can’t take with you and do not know what to do with it them other than give away or trash?

Whether you are relocating and could do with some additional cash, or you would like to do a good ‘spring’ clean and dejunk your home – they do say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure – here are a few ways to help you get rid of your excesses and at the time raise some money.

  • The first and most important tip to selling your personal belongings especially fairly used items is BRANDING and POSITIONING; your approach to the sale will determine if you make a success of it or not. How you market it i.e. whether you position your items as second hand or fairly used /new never used items, the crowd you invite, how you display the items or where you hold the event, these all make a difference.
  • If you are looking for an intimate and tasteful way to sell these items, hold a tea or cocktail party and display the goods attractively in the sitting or dining room as though it were in a boutique. Remember those friends that have always admired your clothes, bags or good taste? Invite them for the event and ask them to come with a friend or two.
  • If you have bulk items to get rid of, perhaps due to relocation or a house move, have an open house or garage sale. Again you would need to monopolise your social network and get friends to spread the word
  • Have you got friends or friends of friends thinking along the same lines as you, why not have car boot sales together! Find a good parking lot location, and again spread the word via your social network, word of mouth and flyers. If there is a charge for the location, ask all sellers to contribute towards the cost, view the cost as capital with expected returns by way of sales
  • You can decide to step things up a notch by having a fair or bazaar and make some additional money as the organiser. Rent a venue, charge people to display and sell their items and in addition you can also invite people to sell handmade items such as jewellery and baked goods.  If you would like to raise money for charity or your church, you can plan it through your church with a ready target audience, making it a fun event and raising money at the same time.
  • Another way for the technically inclined is to have an online sale. This is appropriate if you do not want to invite people to your home and also want to reach a wider audience. Create a webpage or a catalogue to display the items for sale, and send it to friends asking them to forward to others; create a facebook page or post on in the marketplace area; or spread the word by online discussion forums. eBay is another place to sell your goods and an example of an organisation that has made money from individuals like us wanting to sell used or new items that we no longer need.

To help make sure your sale is success, create an angle that would draw the sceptical to the event out of curiosity, and hopefully they open their wallets. Also, pricing is key, so take sentiment out of the process and price to sell.

Just think, even if you don’t want to do it for the money or charity, you could always do it for the sake of the environment, going green is in season.


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