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My God & My Femininity – December 2003

Approximately 3 years after being born-again, that was the first time I gave this issue a thought My God and My Femininity.

  • Do they exist side by side or is it one?
  • Is God truly involved in my femininity?

If I have chosen to submit my entire life and ways to God, shouldn’t my femininity be also submitted to God?

Truly, I thought to myself “what role does the Lord play in this area of my life?” and the answer was None. I don’t remember ever putting a direct question to God, and asking him what type of woman would he have me be? How would he want me to portray myself? e.g. my appearance, attitude. How would he have me portray myself?

Instead I have always relied on the world and others to dictate femininity to me (vogue, cosmopolitan, trends and even MTV) and the only area I have included God in all this, is adhering to the guideline of moderation (1 Timothy 2:9) or seduction (Romans 14:21) etc.

Father, forgive me I pray. Teach me Lord to be the woman you have ordained me to be, your word says if anyone be in Christ he is a new creature and behold old thing have passed away. Father, let every old and worldly way of femininity depart away from the inside of me. Teach me to be a woman who radiates Christ from within.


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