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A relationship is a connection between you and another. The constant and common denominator in any relationship is YOU. Whether it is with your father, mother, husband, wife, children, friends or colleagues, YOU are the one thing that is always present.

So who is this “YOU”? Who are you when nobody is watching? Well, actually, God is Omni-present and so there will never be a time or place where God is not watching. So in essence, You and God are the common entities in any relationship. People who are conscious of God’s presence and enjoy an intimate relationship with Him will inevitably discover who they are in Him (John 15 vs. 4 & 5). It is this person that can establish fruitful and meaningful relationships with others and entirely STRIFE-free. This is because the love of God has warmed its way into their hearts (Romans 5 vs. 5).

So where do we go from here? Are you already filled with so many insecurities that all your relationships have failed? Or are you so bitter that you cannot even have a good relationship with your children? God’s love can heal your pain and start you on the right foot again.

The real answer is in you and your relationship with your heavenly father. When you spend time with Him in a true heart-felt way, His kind of love will enter your heart fully. Do not try to spend time in His presence the way you have seen others do it. Relate to him as you would your best friend. Share your fears, dreams and hurts with God, He longs to heal you and make you all you have always wanted to be.

When you remain in God’s love, you will make good decisions in your choice of relationships; you will raise your children in a home where Love rules; A home where strife has no place; You will live comfortably with your flat-mate and change your mind about never again sharing your flat with anyone.

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