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How to Create an Alternate Source of Income

How to Create an Alternate Source of Income

We seem to live in a world of more; it is interesting to note that as soon as we get that one desire, which had been occupying our every waking thought, another desire arises to occupy our thoughts and consume our energy. One such thought is about making

more money; it may not occupy our every waking thought, but for more than half the world population, money occupies most of our thoughts.

Perhaps such is the case as almost everything required to keep body and soul requires the use of money; God in all his wisdom aptly told us in His word that money answereth all things. It is because of our constant necessity for money to satisfy our daily ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ that we seek for more and more. Perhaps you are have a job and are not willing to give it up, but you would still like additional income to augment you existing income?

If so, how do we augment our already existing income? There is no one or new way of achieving this feat, what you need to do is identify what suits you best, take it seriously and create a proposition that makes you standout from the rest.

  • Exploit an existing skill that you can easily offer in your spare time in return for a charge – Have you got a flair for decorating, interior designing, baking or making clothes? Then you could use this skill; many people have created successful businesses from making use of their skill on a part-time basis.
  • Provide a service making use of the worldwide web – They say the world has become a global marketplace; and you can take advantage of the Web/IT platform as your centre for making money. Such services include getting people from around the world to submit manuscripts for you to proofread; writing articles or reviews for organizations anywhere in the world; or designing graphics, websites or anything that does not require a face-to-face interaction.
  • Set-up an Online Shop – what can you sell that people from here and around the world would love to buy. Having an online shop does not require you to be present 24/7; you can arrange delivery of the item at a convenient time. Some items you could think of selling online include African Crafts; hand-stitched table clothes, pillowcases etc; or made-to-order ornaments, jewelry, accessories etc.
  • Selling your intellectual knowledge – are you good at giving advice and helping people find solutions? Then you can turn your knowledge and wisdom into income. It is from such intellectual knowledge that consultancies make money.

Know that none of this ideas are new, the only difference is the unique and special thing which you will add to make you stand-out, as well as planning and structuring your services professionally.

There is quote that goes “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men”. So the answer might very well be in your hands, but it is up to you to apply wisdom to your gift (talent) to make room (income) for you.

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