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Getting Started

Everyone faces challenges in life but most times, the biggest challenge one can ever face is one’s self. Knowing your self and then accepting you for who you are can be your greatest achievement, which precedes others eventually.

I am who I am when no one is watching and that’s my biggest challenge. Am i being consistent in being me? And do I come to terms with my strengths, successes, weaknesses, fears, doubts etc and all that makes me , ‘ME’.

Life itself is a great teacher many have said but I say the process of getting to know and accepting one’s self is even a greater experience.

One could ask, so how do I get to know myself and then accept myself? Having ‘me’ times is first and foremost. Most of us find fear in being alone, thinking alone or simply just spending time away from others. We believe we need the approval or attention of those around us but we cannot attain self fulfillment until we have firstly approved of ourselves.

No one can make you feel right, absolutely no one. It is truism of all times that the human mind is continually critical of its environment and so, it appreciates nothing other than what it wants to appreciate. In other words, humans are selfish; the issue of sincerity of opinion becomes a farce. The realization if this in itself is true freedom.

Freedom to live the life that one has been called to live. Freedom to achieve great things knowing that in you lies the foundation of that one approval that matters the most- urs!

Live life on your own matrix, worry less- about who counts what goes in for you, there’s always enough to go around. The secret of your success lies in how you manage your emotions and avoid multiple personality. Get to know you and the future becomes certain.

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