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Exiting the Blame Game


How many times have you heard someone say “they hurt me so bad, I will never get over it.”  “I don’t know how it happened. I just ended up like this. It’s just the way I am”?

Come on folks, we’ve all done it. Made a massive boo-boo and then lived in regret. Whether it be going out with a bloke who turned out to be the village idiot, or making massive claims that we couldn’t live up to.

Let’s face it, nothing ever just happens. Couples don’t go to bed at night in love and wake up hating each others guts.  Babies don’t fall from the sky and a million pounds does not suddenly appear on your door step one night, while taking out the rubbish.

Then why is it people spend their lives in constant state of blaming others and refusing to take accountability for the own actions? It seems the world has become full of analysts who not only have the ability to idendify the pitfalls in everybody else’s lives, but can spend hours of valuable time highlighting the negativity in their communities, without contributing a valuable solution to the problems.

Whether on the bus, in supermarket hair dressers/barber shop, we constantly hear individuals complaining about the state of the country, our men/women, single parents etc. May I ask this question? Who makes up the community, society and the world on a whole?  Is it not us?

We must understand that life is a process and a process is made up of a sequence of events. Each day that we awake we contribute to that process, whether sub-consciously, or consciously. Whatever the case, we all contribute to the process. It is our individual contributions that make up a collective picture?


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