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Divine Networking

The dictionary defines diligence as “the attention and care legally expected or required of a person (as a party to a contract).” The bible tells us that diligence is man’s precious possession. It is one gift we all have regardless of background, race or creed. How much diligence do you put into your daily tasks?  Do you aim for the best possible result? Or do you aim to get things done in time regardless of the quality of your result?

There are characters in the bible which exemplified this character trait e.g. Daniel. However, the person I must say I admire the most is Joseph. It was bad enough being sold into slavery but instead of dwelling on the ill treatment he received, he was not negligent in his duties. He continues to display this attitude when thrown into prison following the false accusations made by Potiphar’s wife.

You see, being diligent when you are being richly rewarded is easy. Perhaps on the successful completion of your next project you get a nice office, your own personal secretary, a hefty pay rise or to make you feel even extra special a separate lift that takes you to straight to your office. What happens if you worked your socks off but someone else took the credit for your work? You know the drill, the name of the author for certain key documents is amended, you prepare the presentation slides and someone else gives the presentation, you spot the bug and fix it but it’s never mentioned, and so on. Would you still be diligent knowing full well that your thunder would be stolen? Or worse still, attempts are constantly being made to undermine your reputation? Working with all your might in this situation is a real challenge.

You’ll never guess, but diligence does have its rewards. People who display diligence in all their duties end up having an audience with those in authority. It sure beats having to attend functions and dos all in the name of keeping in touch with those-in-the-know. The only person you need to concern yourself networking with through prayer and studying scripture is your Heavenly Father. After all, he is in-the-know at cosmic levels according Proverbs 15.

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