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Connect to God

Connect to God

As Sistas this topic cuts across all barriers – age, culture, background etc. We need to be who God called us to be, fearfully and wonderfully made sistas. In order to fully understand this we need to go back and discover why we were created, who we have been called to be and go back to the original design.

For a moment let’s just forget about what today’s society tells us sistas to do – truth be told, it doesn’t seem to be working anyway.

We are here to ensure that we are complete and whole in the image of our maker, not the misconstrued concept that we are not complete without certain things in our lives e.g. men, material possessions etc these are complimentary and part of God’s plan. The only Man that I know can make you complete and whole is Jesus Christ himself – take it or leave it.

We need to look at the mirror and deal with ourselves. We need to develop spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially, socially, and other areas of our lives. It will take a lot of work to get there, but its worth it and so are we, we’ll make it if we just stick with the things we learn. Don’t give up!!

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