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Glimpse into a tete a tete … a chat between two single ladies

I recently had an email conversation with a girlfriend of mine oceans and borders away; and the conversation was many things ... a good laugh, insightful and encouraging. With permission from her, we are sharing the conversation in hope that it might both encourage someone and bring more insight to the issue. *Caveat* Before you read, we kindly ask that you please reserve harsh judgement ...good or bad, thi ...

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Finding a Husband

In graduate school I lived with three close friends. We shared a 4-bedroom house, groceries and a strong desire to find husbands. Though we didn’t discuss it in mixed company, we talked about it a lot in the safety of our home. It was probably the subject we talked about most. Sitting in the hallway, eating popcorn in our pajamas, we’d admit that our deepest longing, even more than career success, was to ge ...

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Turning 30 and still Single!

  If anyone had told me I’d be 30 and still single, I would have doubted it, not mad at them; not depressed; but I just never thought I’d be 30 and still single. I figured that I’d naturally and progressively complete secondary school, finish university, get a nice job, and voila! The icing on the cake would be marriage to the ‘perfectly nice guy’. But alas, things have not exactly happened as I though ...

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Date Efficiently and Wisely – January 2003

(Don't waste time or emotions on a person that's not a good potential spouse for you) By: Whitney Hopler, Live It Channel Editor Are we dating the right way? Do you know if that person is right for you? Do you even know what you want? Are you looking for the right things or the surface appearances? This is something worth referring to from time to time. If you invest several months or years into a dating re ...

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Should I have said Yes? – March 2003

Every time I hear an Ex or some guy that was smitten with me is hooked up and getting married or married. I wonder; 'Could that have been me?', 'Did I miss a golden opportunity?', 'Could he have been the one that made my fairy tale fantasy come through?' and guess what the answer is? The answer is dependent on whether one believes in their self or not. Whether one's life is full of regrets or sees every sit ...

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Let’s talk about it! – June 2003

Let me shout out the issue SEX, ok not really sex actually, more like the craving for it. As Christians, we are meant to keep our body pure and holy. After all it is a temple of the living God, and whether you want to hear it or not. Once you have chosen God (born-again), you have to abstain from pre-marital sex or sex outside marriage. However, easier said than done, right? There are born-again Christians ...

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