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Seek Ye The Lord!!! January 2003

Let us not forget, though God has given us dominion over this earth we were firstly created to worship God and for His pleasure were we made. Why do I say this? I say this because in observing the everyday life of a typical woman you find that she is too busy chasing the things that ought to chase her. It is the same story whether the woman is single or married, the single woman is totally engrossed in meet ...

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Waiting Upon The Lord: Your Way or HIS? – June 2003

Waiting upon the Lord is a major part of Christianity, but it is also one of the most difficult phases to go through. The difficulties are usually impatience, distractions and the inability to hear from the Lord. To seek the Lord's face regarding a matter encompasses many stages, perseverance, dedication and discernment to know when the Lord has spoken. I had to go through such a period recently and I have ...

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The Cross – It Was All About You – December 2003

Have you ever shut your eyes with no distractions to picture the event of that glorious day at Calvary? Now imagine it, He was there praying and seeking the face of The Father regarding the most significant event of humanity. He was with the men who He called His friends. He was probably seeing the picture of eternal death for the whole Human race. He could also then see the victory on the other side if He ...

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My God & My Femininity – December 2003

Approximately 3 years after being born-again, that was the first time I gave this issue a thought My God and My Femininity. Do they exist side by side or is it one? Is God truly involved in my femininity? If I have chosen to submit my entire life and ways to God, shouldn't my femininity be also submitted to God? Truly, I thought to myself "what role does the Lord play in this area of my life?" and the answe ...

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Connect to God

As Sistas this topic cuts across all barriers - age, culture, background etc. We need to be who God called us to be, fearfully and wonderfully made sistas. In order to fully understand this we need to go back and discover why we were created, who we have been called to be and go back to the original design. For a moment let's just forget about what today's society tells us sistas to do - truth be told, it d ...

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