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Friend or Foe?

  I am reminded of the court scene in the film "A Few Good Men" where Jack Nicholson (the defendant) challenges the interrogator (Tom Cruise) on whether he would really like to hear the truth, and Tom answers steadfastly "Yes". Jack shouts back and says¬†"You can't handle the truth". Now, I ask "Can you handle a real friendship?" Can you handle the truth when your friend(s) tells it to you as it is? Do ...

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Discover a Friend Worth Following: A Close Look at Jesus’ Friendships – by: Chuck Swindoll

Just six days before Passover, Jesus' best friends - Mary, Martha, and Lazarus - threw a dinner in His honor (John 12:1-8). In usual fashion, Martha worked and Lazarus played host. Only Mary realized this was His "going away" party. She heard His words and believed the impossible - He was going to die. While the others lived in denial, Mary did what only a friend could do; she grieved. Taking fragrant buria ...

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