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Dancing on the Edge

You think it won't happen to you, can't happen to you. You think, There's no way. Not me! Think again.  Flirting With Danger I thought it was innocent at the time. She was a church staff member, so we spent a lot of time together. She'd sit in my office, and we'd talk. At times she told me about the difficulties in her marriage, and I counseled her. But I should have stopped her right there; I was filling a ...

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The Money-Smart kid!

  With today and tomorrow comes the benefit of hindsight, and with it also comes much to be thankful for, as well as many wishes; I'm thankful for my parents taught me to save, they taught me to be entrepreneurial, and I'm glad they taught me to live in contentment. When our children become adults, what will they be thankful for concerning what we taught them? You can leave a huge inheritance for your ...

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Who Rules the Roosts?

Who rules the roost is a popular show on BBC Prime.  It is Valentine’s Day night, and i'm in the staff bus on my way home, it is raining and the traffic situation is terrible; so with nothing better to do, I decide to delete some text messages from my phone. On getting to *Lola’s msg, I suddenly remember an incident that occured not too long ago, and it took me down memory lane to a topic I’d always pondere ...

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