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There is power in the tongue – Reflections of September 06

There is power in the tongue ... the power to destroy and the power to build. If there is any truth to it - pray tell - are you building or are you destroying? When people say nice things to me, I must say I not only really appreciate it, I sometimes even reminisce over what was said, and bask in the warmth of it. When I get feedback/criticism, as along as it is constructive, I deeply appreciate it. But whe ...

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A Fair Treatment? – Reflections of July 06

I’ve done it myself, and I've seen others do it, but it was seeing a friend do it recently that got me thinking; the way we treat waiters, shop assistants etc.! Do to others, as you would have others do unto you ... a popular saying.   But really, how many of us practice it? We might think we do, but really let's take a moment to reflect.   Nobody likes to be treated unfairly or harshly, but how d ...

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Reflections of April 06

In many conversations, I have found myself saying 'I can never ...' I will never ...' and in the same breath also very quick to condemn the act, not necessarily the person, but the act that I would supposedly never commit. I pray now for the mercy of God; for indeed, Jesus knew what he was doing when he challenged the accusers to come forward and stone the adulterer if any of them was without sin. “They bro ...

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Reflections of January 06

Is it closer than you think? Several times I've found myself searching for one personal item or the other, and thought it was somewhere far away that was not immediately accessible. Only to get to where I thought it was, and realise that it wasn't there, and on searching, found it was actually much closer than I had thought, and by which time it was too late to be of any use.  When such a situation rec ...

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