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Mustard Seed Faith – Reflection of the Month

Mustard Seed Faith? If you’ve seen a mustard seed, you know it is tiny, right! So imagine when we are asked to have the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains. We are asked to have just a tiny bit of faith to do the seemingly impossible. As we join together this month, it is not about having a magnanimous amount of faith, but just a tiny bit of faith like the mustard seed to move every situation that see ...

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Oh woe unto to me? – Reflection of the Month

I intended starting this piece off by saying how 2010 did not turn out sooo well for me ... I almost think I have every reason to be grumpy, moody and all upset with 2010, and I’m thinking ‘not again’ ... going into 2011 with the same prayer points. If I could weep, I would. However, the acute bursts of tears are not forthcoming. But suddenly, I am ashamed of myself ... at my ability to focus on what I did ...

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Today, Now …not tomorrow, but Now! – Reflection of the Month

Today while driving, I had myself an ‘Ah Ha’ moment ... for the first time I realised that I was not truly appreciating each day for what it was. Yes, I’m maximising each day - by doing this and doing that - but honestly, I was not appreciating and being truly thankful for each moment.   Just to give some insight, I was asked to dog-sit, yes, dog-sit! ... and not realising the responsibility, I said ye ...

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What is so special about you? – Reflection of the Month

Yep ... that is the question. What is so special about you? A friend was telling me about an experience he had when he attended a business expo with colleagues... you see, this friend of mine works with a multi-national company that also produces smartphones - pretty cool phones I would say - and the company gives them to some of its employees as perks. However, during a break at this expo, the senior manag ...

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What we love about Michelle Obama!

Not meaning to get into all the white house hype, however when we see something good, it worth us appreciating.  Every time I see her, I can’t help but admire her and be inspired at the same time. And it looks like I'm not alone in seeing some of these qualities.   What we love about Michelle Obama ...     She is peculiar, she holds her own ... she is not moved by public opinion and hype ...

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When the curtain closes and night falls

When the curtain closes and night falls ... who are we? still the same? or perhaps the time has come to take off the mask? 

How difficult is it to be YOU in today's world? A world where unfortunately perception rules and appearances matter!

Truth be told, having to pretend and keep up any type of appearance can be taxing, I dare say it is almost like being on stage every day. But guess what? Even though w ...

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A bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Really? – Reflections of May 07

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Really? That was the issue of deliberation when I was recently faced with having to make a decision...   I had just moved to a new country and one of the main tasks at hand was to find myself a job! So here I am, not only faced with the task of having to find a place to stay; registering with all the required official bodies; and finding and making new friends, ...

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Phew! – Reflections of December 07

Have you ever waited so long for something that by the time it happens or comes to pass you can't even scream for joy? Relief and a silent thanks to God is all you can utter.   The sweet word of the Lord describes 'Faith' as a substance of things hoped for, and an evidence of things not seen, which to me really means that having faith is hoping or believing for something to happen when everything or th ...

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