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Tick Tock … Goes the clock

Date originally written:  25 OCTOBER 2009 I don't do mornings. I'm not one of those people who have the discipline to get up without prompt at 5:30am and start their day with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I need an alarm system to get me going. Even so, for maximum effectiveness, I have three different alarms set within 10 minutes of each other. Generally, after hitting the snooze button on the first two, ...

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Moving Forward

  What a mess! All around me it’s utter chaos. I am bemused as to how I allowed things to get to this stage. It’s incredible that in just nine months, I have been able to amass what surely must be the equivalent of a small forest worth of paper and a truckload of goods; exaggerated as this may sound. As I try to chart my way through this confusing maze of boxes and suitcases, I pause and linger a momen ...

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Divine Networking

The dictionary defines diligence as "the attention and care legally expected or required of a person (as a party to a contract)." The bible tells us that diligence is man's precious possession. It is one gift we all have regardless of background, race or creed. How much diligence do you put into your daily tasks?  Do you aim for the best possible result? Or do you aim to get things done in time regardless o ...

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Getting Started

Everyone faces challenges in life but most times, the biggest challenge one can ever face is one's self. Knowing your self and then accepting you for who you are can be your greatest achievement, which precedes others eventually. I am who I am when no one is watching and that's my biggest challenge. Am i being consistent in being me? And do I come to terms with my strengths, successes, weaknesses, fears, do ...

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Your Life: The Real Deal

  "If I was just a bit slimmer"..."if I was just a bit fatter (surprisingly!)"..."If I was just on a higher paying job"... "if I was moving with the right click of people" The list is endless. Women are under more pressure in our day than ever before. It is really amazing how the women of our day have tied self worth, real joy and living a blissful life to things that they acquire and require. The woma ...

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Wise Like Him – Fail to plan and so plan to fail

"beep, beep, beep, beep"... the incessant buzzing of my alarm clock fails to move one muscle of my body. Why on earth should I get up? It's still dark isn't it? It's taken all night for the temperature under the duvet cover to get just right and you now want me to leave this safe haven? Besides, I haven't finished my dream yet - it was nice a one. Every time I went to the ATM to get some money, it gave me $ ...

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Are you tired?

Tired of what", I hear you ask? Are you tired of that Job? Tired of that business you've spent all your money, time and energy on trying to make it a success? Tired of the husband you prayed for most of all of your single life? Tired of the same old politics at church? Tired of praying and waiting for God to answer your prayers? Or are you emotionally & physically tired? At one time or the other in our ...

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Change Your Attitude

Like a bird in flight, embrace the freedom around you and rise above your slip-ups. Forgive your past and change your future for the better by changing your attitude. Take that first step to really live - Yvonne Modu I woke up one morning with a heaviness of heart about general state of my life - I still have not shed the two stones, l felt unattractive and low - spirit and what l had not accomplished a lit ...

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