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What motivates a woman to start a business?

  Yvonne Witter tells us from a UK perspective There are many different reasons or motivational factors that stimulate the interest in starting a business. As a business advisor I have seen many people with ideas for start up or who are in various stages of development.  The challenges are usually the same, which tend to be finding sources of start up finance; identifying and securing customers; and fo ...

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Succeeding From the Start

As a business starting out, have you ever wondered what makes one a successfull entreprenuer?  Well there is no magic formula, but the following does go a long way. - The ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people is essential - The ability to negotiate favourably with purchasers and suppliers and sell your products or services is also a necessity. - A keen interest and knowledge of your ...

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Challenges women face in Business

Is it really a challenge for women to be in business? The general consensus may be a resounding ‘Yes’ depending which side you are looking in from. Personally, I believe that it is more of a challenge for the married woman with children, residing in African countries such as Nigeria, which is due to cultural challenges in addition to universal challenges the general challenges faced by women across the worl ...

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From Business Idea to Reality

Some people find it very difficult to transfer a business idea into a business. They dream for years about what they would like to do and never seem to know where to start, who to talk to or how to make that leap into the unknown arena of developing a business.   Many people say that they are scared to talk about their business idea in case someone steals it. To bring an idea to life we have to talk about i ...

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Taking the leap into the world of Business?

Are you thinking of starting your business? If so, join the millions of people who at one point or the other in their lives have considered whether or not to start a business. The thought of having a successful business, being your boss or doing something you are really passionate about sounds very appealing, right? And these, amongst other reasons are why people leave their jobs and decide to start their o ...

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Raising Finance

Starting a business always requires MONEY, which can be raised in one or more of the following ways: Personal savings Friends & family Bank loan Government grants & loans Private Investors Venture capitalist The easiest and most stress-free source is your savings. No one asks you questions, and you are not accountable to anyone but yourself. Another source of finance is family and friends, who belie ...

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Business Plan

A business plan is the blueprint for your business and should be written for the purpose of: Enabling you to plan the running of the business Benchmarking to measure your efforts and keeping your business on track Raising money from external sources Your business plan should well thought through, finely written and contain all information pertinent to the running and success of your business. YOU should wri ...

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The Idea

Having a successful business means starting properly, this is often easier than having to rectify mistakes. Everything starts with the business idea, which can often be chosen from; an existing and established skill/knowledge or identifying a gap/opportunity in the market, and then developing the necessary technique and knowledge. A key to your business success involves getting the business idea right, your ...

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