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Build a successful career

Build a successful career


The secret to building a successful career is to plan and to do the work you love.

“To fail to plan is to, plan to fail” – John C. Maxwell.

The trend however is for people to settle for careers in areas where there are high demands for a particular type of skill or they grow up in an environment where their parents, teachers, school counsellor seem to know what is best for them.

“Current trends in business, communications, education, law, medicine, government, and the non-profit sectors known as civil society, all suggest that tomorrow’s world will need the female mind” – Helen Fisher, The First Sex

With this knowledge in mind, we need to put strategic career plans in place in readiness for the tomorrow’s world. The three P’s which will enable us identify our areas of success are:

Pacing > Power > Partners

To identify these three P’s, you need to work through the following task

List your identities:
Professional (e.g. Support Analyst), Personal (e.g. Wife), Communitarian (e.g. Volunteer)

Prioritise your ambitions: Milestones, Choices, Timing

Step back and take stock of your current status: Preferences – What you enjoy doing, enjoy learning and what you enjoy reading and talking about.

Skills: Your top three skills, your track record and recognitions received.

Values: Ethics, People and goals

Information, People and Things: To define your goals, build a table and fill out you task and their implications for the number for years required.

The three P’s :

Recognise Life Phases

  • 20′s , 30′s, 40′s, 50′s – what you want to have achieved at the end of each milestone.
  • Pick your battles
  • Focus energies

Pace yourself

  • Ambition, one area of life at a time
  • Stagger changes
  • Life is long – do not wear yourself out

Learn the politics of Power

  • Who you know Vs quality work
  • Promotion rules
  • Identify mentors
  • Sources of Power
Positional Power – where you sit

  • Formal authority
  • Relevance
  • Visibility
Personal Power – who you are

  • Expertise
  • Track Record
  • Attractiveness
  • Efforts

Corporate Partners – ask for what you want, organise to understand and change, gender diversity is not a personal issue.
Career Mentors – learn how the manage, imitate, test and personalise.
Personal Partners – geographic impacts, helps from diversity support groups (sistas unite)

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