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Are you tired?

Tired of what”, I hear you ask? Are you tired of that Job? Tired of that business you’ve spent all your money, time and energy on trying to make it a success? Tired of the husband you prayed for most of all of your single life? Tired of the same old politics at church? Tired of praying and waiting for God to answer your prayers? Or are you emotionally & physically tired?

At one time or the other in our lives, we can get tired of one thing or the other, or fed up with our present circumstances.

Take for instance me, I’ve been waiting on the Lord concerning a particular issue for almost 6 years now, and still waiting upon him. During this period of waiting, I’ve had so many backhanded suggestions offered to me by both Christians and non-Christians, which during a time of frustration/tiredness would have seemed the easiest way to end the wait.

But hey, let’s take a look at someone who took an easy way out … Abraham. He was called a friend to God, yet even he erred in his ways. And his story (along with that of many others in the bible such as David and Lot) has been recorded, not for us to justify our ways out a precarious situation, but so for us to learn and not make the similar mistakes.

God promised Abraham a heir, however he looked at his circumstances, got tired of waiting and decided to give God a helping like so many of us either do or are tempted to do. He slept with Sarah’s handmaiden in order to produce the child both himself and Sarah desired very much. The result of this action was disharmony in his home, where both the handmaiden and child had to be put out. Not only did it not end there, it can also be attributed to the divide we have today between the Christians and Muslims, the handmaiden’s son being Ishmael, who is said to be the forefather of Islam.


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