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A bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Really? – Reflections of May 07

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Really? That was the issue of deliberation when I was recently faced with having to make a decision…


I had just moved to a new country and one of the main tasks at hand was to find myself a job! So here I am, not only faced with the task of having to find a place to stay; registering with all the required official bodies; and finding and making new friends, I also had to find a job to pay for all of life’s expenses including the apartment lease I had just signed.


Before relocating, I had envisioned arriving and getting a job within the first four weeks, but things did not go as ‘planned’. However, after three months into my job search/relocation, I get a job offer, but as good as the job offer or the company the offer was coming from seemed, the salary did not meet my expectations as I had discussed with God. Nevertheless, most people around me thought it was ‘good enough’, and I was ‘lucky’ to get such an offer for a first job in the country considering how hard it usually was for new immigrants.


However, I simply was not convinced; spiritually I did not get a sense of peace to settle for less than what I had been believing God for. So casually, I mentioned to those around me I’d be turning down the job or had turned it down believing that something better would come along from other interviews I had attended … hence came about the advice “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”.


On hearing this, I went to the scriptures and searched frantically to find a scripture to support both the adage and all other advice I had been receiving, however, all I found was contrary; what I found encouraged me to believe and trust the Lord with all heart and not to lean on man’s understanding. And to the glory of God, three days after turning down the offer, I received a much more wonderful offer; higher salary, better company and my heart’s desire.


When faced with choices, do you settle for God’s best or what man sees as the best? Having to stand in faith and believe God is no easy feat, for me it required going back to the word, and seeking counsel from spiritually grounded friends. Today, I’m encouraging you to trust in the Lord and believe with all your heart … selah.

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